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Green Apple Size 2 Flower Arrangements


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Smoothed-edge glass pieces are a versatile material that brings an exciting new level of color, texture and creativity to interior design. It retains its color and does not degrade like other materials.

Having so many colors makes it possible to match your floral displays and table adornments to any home or office decor. Add the elegance of tasteful glass pebbles to your creations with our broad assortment of glass nuggets that are available in scores of shapes, surfaces, and sizes.

Flower Arrangements
Flowers add elegance to any tabletop and provide an atmosphere of celebration.  What better way to make the most of your flowers than arranging them in a vase filled with stylishly colored glass pebbles? Available in dozens of colors, sizes, shapes and textures to compliment any style of décor.  Glass is the perfect way to spice up your next floral arrangement.

Table Decorations
When it comes to wowing your dinner guests with unique table decorations, it’s all in the details.  Glass pebbles provide elegant colors, unique shapes, and a sense of fun to any event.  From extravagant weddings to intimate family dinners, glass mixes perfectly with any setting and décor style, all year long.  Liven up your next party and let glass add a happy pop to your tabletop. 

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